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Terms of Service


1. ENGLISH IS A MUST IN THIS SERVER, and the only language allowed on Trade Chat and Area Chat. You

may use whatever language you want in Normal chat. Other languages may be used if you genuinely

need help, but if your guild speaks your language please try there first. As soon as someone

responds to you, take it to a private chat. Guild, Party, and Whispers are all considered private

chats, and may be in whatever language you want.

2. No personal conversations may be held on Trade. It is expected that the server will chat there,

but for a private 2- or 3-person conversation, take it to PMs or to a party.

3. Do Not Do Disrespectful behavior,spamming caps (in Trade Chat),impersonating staff

members,Encouraging others to break the rules,

4. Do Not Talk About Extreme sexual or violent threats/harassment against another player;

5. You Are Not Allowed To Be Selling in-game items, characters, or accounts for real money in the

game or on forums.

6. Spewing public threats against the server or its staff . mentioning ,discussing or advertising

other server.


1. KSing mobs is not permitted. The definition of KSing is killing the mobs that are aggro'd on

another person not in your party. Once is an accident, multiple times is harassment. Don't KS while

asking for a party. If someone says stop, you stop, no questions asked. Named bosses are an

exception to this rule.

2. Boss mobs are considered "free-for-all", meaning anyone may attack and attempt to kill them at

any time. KSing rules don't apply here, no matter how much HP they have left; however, you may only

DPS against players of your own faction. Resetting bosses on your own faction is a bannable


3. .Stat padding will not be tolerated. This means killing characters that you made yourself,

specifically to rank up in PvP kills. If you are caught (which is very simple when checking IPs)

all of your current accounts on that IP (and the other person/people involved, if applicable) will

be immediately banned.

4. Killing in the other faction's bases/behind the guards, on all maps, is LEGAL.

5. All PvP Raids Must Be Open And Allow For Anyone To Join. Non PvP Raids Are At The Leaders Choice

7.Dismantling Union is Strictly Prohibited specially when on PVP raid. If you're the Leader simply

leave the raid or pass the Lead to anyone if you don't want the responsibility.

8.Raid/Union should always be on Auto for people to join.Kicking people in raid is strictly not

allowed unless with valid reason like ; spying on raid,leeching/afk, feeding and gears


9.Multi-clienting/logging-in more than 1 account at same time and spying on other faction raid will

be terminated in game or will be banned once checked/proven.

10. Skill Cutting ( Using Rune Or Program To Do So ) Is Illegal

11. Any Programs That IS Not Related to Spectral Shaiya Is Illegal To Use